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Darn it.  My main website is only getting roughly 25 visitors per day.

Anyone able to recommend a good way of getting good reciprical lonks?

I bought LinkSuite, 3 or 4 years ago.  It now seems a bit out of date and
doesn't seem to work (my version anyway).

Anyone able to recommend software for finding/automating reciprical links?

Or even general advice on getting my site out there to the masses?

Re: links software?

robert blake wrote:

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Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: links software?

Toby Inkster wrote

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Cruel bastard!

Nice lonk, don't fancy reciprocating with it though!

Charles Sweeney

Re: links software?

robert blake wrote

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That's your problem right there buddy, it should be links you are after.

Not in any particular order, I think you need advertising, press
releases and better search engine performance.

For advertising I would recommend Google Adwords.  I just made a post
about press releases which you might see, plenty of online help for
those.  For the search engines, you can't do better than following
Google's own advice here:

I'm assuming you have a good useable site that provides a good service.  
(Was it the holiday villa site?)  Then you will get people making links
to it without being asked.

Charles Sweeney

Re: links software?


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Yes, could you please post the URL, then we may be able to review the
site and advise, maybe even provide links!


The Probert Encyclopaedia - Beyond Britannica

Re: links software?

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My advice is don't use automated software. I get lots of link requests and
the vast majority of them I ignore and delete - not because I'm don't like
swapping links (I do, honest), its just that I prefer an email that reads as
though it were from a real person and doesn't read as though it were a
standard email sent to a harvested email address.

Target relevant sites and ask them - but personalise your email and I
wouldn't email more than one address at the site.

Identify relevant directories and get yourself listed, but avoid link farms.
Although I'm not sure how useful directories are these days, they can't

Make sure your site is search engine friendly - or at least that its html
validates - /.

Add more content.

If you post your url then I'm sure you'll get lots more comments.

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

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