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OK, I admit that it's been awhile since I had to aggressively worry about
pagerank. I'm a little behind times on SEO, and most of the info I'm finding
online seems to come from a few years ago, too, so I don't know how valuable it

I know that link popularity (especially from higher ranking sites) has a lot to
do with PR. My question is, does it add or take away value if the link to your
site (from a second site) is:

1. only at the bottom of the homepage;

2. on a sub-directory; eg,; or

3. on a page within the home directory; eg,

Further, let's say that my site (the one they're linking to) is Would
it make any difference whether the link comes from vs. (with the keyword in the page with the link)?

Re: Link Popularity -> Pagerank

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A lot? That's how it's defined ;-)

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A link is a link. Ages ago the "depth" of a page was used to estimate
PR creating a myth that the deeper the less PR, see also:

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No. Not for PageRank. And I doubt it makes much of a difference for
ranking (on Google's result pages) in general (notice that PR and
ranking on SERPs are different things, the former is used as an
ingredient for the latter).

Anyway, don't worry about linking out to relevant pages, and don't worry
to much about who links in. Just get more inlinks, and link out to
relevant content. That's how the Interwebz should work. Hoarding (or
"hoarding" PR) and sleepless nights about the exact position in a HTML
page of a link; don't.

BTW: make sure that people who link to you don't use the
stupidly/misleading named "nofollow". And don't nofollow relevant links
to hoard PR (see previous paragraph).

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Re: Link Popularity -> Pagerank

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11:48:43 PM UTC-5, John Bokma wrote:
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Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but I was of the understanding that a li=
nk from a site with a higher PR was more valuable than a link from a site w=
ith a lower PR. Is that not still true?

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I'm mainly working within my own sites. I have about 80 websites that I own=
 and manage, all with different content (but similar themes). My logic was =
to set up a link page on each of the sites, where 20 of them link to one se=
ries of sites, 20 link to another series, etc. This way, each site would ge=
t 20 inbound links from sites that have a similar theme, but none of them w=
ould be linking back to the site that linked to them.

If a link is a link is a link, then does it matter if the link page has 20+=
 outbound links on it? My concern was that a page with nothing but a bunch =
of links would be ignored by Google, or possibly that links found lower on =
the page would be considered less relevant.

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