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Having recently found this on a second rate million dollar home page I
thought that I would give it a try and included a link from my home page.
Simply a chain letter but to get links to your site. I will give it a go and
see how my hits go. Would love any readers here to give it a try (you need
some paper first to note the codes you get)

The link is available from my website at or if
you cant be bothered to do that the link is shown below.

 Rather hoping that the increased hits on my site plus extra inbound links
may help my search engine rankings..Just an experiment..Any one else signed
up for this??

Regards Terry

Re: Link Multiplier

Terry wrote

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Do you get this stuff from

Charles Sweeney

Re: Link Multiplier

"Terry" wrote in message
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I have never tried this so bear that in mind when it comes to my comments.

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I cant really see how either the pyramid "links" scheme would actually drive
traffic to your site, or how getting extra hits would increase your
placement on search engines.

Unless your site is currently very low traffic, if this system did work and
you got the extra million hits month it "promises" your bandwidth will be
eaten up very quickly. Your home page is 25k as it stands, if you got a
million hits to that page alone you would use up 25gb of bandwidth. All for
potentially something that will generate you no extra income. Add to this,
even people who do visit your site have no real incetive to become customers
because they are probably other webmasters in competition with you and you
can see (IMHO) this is not a good system.

That aside, the site makes the claim

"Lets be extremely conservative and assume that your page and everybody
else's pages only get 10 sign-ups:"

By what stretch of the imagination they can think 10 sign ups is "extremely
conservative" I have no idea.Pyramid marketing schemes have notoriously low
take up rates so you would already have to have a fairly high traffic site
to hit 10 sign ups. (This is without going into how insanely complicated the
sign up process actually is), these 10 sign ups then only give you 10 pages
worth of adverts.

A good quote is
"This system works amazingly well on the Internet. There is nothing to slow
it down. You can setup your viral webpage today and have 5 or 10 sign-ups
within a few days! With it being so easy to join you could literally have
over 50,000 sites displaying your ad within a short time!"

The fact they actually think this is true is a good sign its a crazy scheme.

There are better ways to use adverstising space on your website. Identify
your customers and target them, dont trawl the waifs and strays of the
internet in the quest for extra hits. (IMHO obviously)

Re: Link Multiplier

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Looks like someone has caught the "get rich quick bug"...

Put up good content which has been built with good solid white hat search
engine optomisation techniques. Then wait.

Your only external links should either go to another of your sites or to a
sponsor. Recipricol linking is flawed in the vast majority of circumstances
because of the two forms of linking arrangments (parasitic and symbiotic) -
the _vast_ majority are parasitic.

Decent sites with good search engine traffic of their own don't need to
aggressively chase down link trades (manually or automatically) so it is
best to ignore traffic schemes and most link echange requests to. If you
have decent content then all the free forum links you naturally accrue will
make sure the SE know all about you.

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