Link directory script suggestions?

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I'm looking at starting a specialized link directory and could use some
recommendations for a good script. I prefer something in PHP, and I would
like it to keep a sensical link structure instead of using script query
(i.e. and would really prefer the links
not have to go through a tracking script so that the link is plainly

I have been looking online for such a script and have only found a couple
that meet these standards, one being aeDirectory - but that installation
seems unecessarily difficult and I don't have SSH access to my server as is
required (I could get my host to do it, but if I can keep them out of it it
would be better).

Free would be nice, but I'm perfectly willing to pay for something that
meets my needs. I plan on putting ads on the site eventually, so a script
that allows for custom layouts would be a plus.

Searches have turned up a few, but at this point I'm more interested in

Thanks for any input.

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