Link Building for dummies

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Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site from
other sites on the Web. Search engine robots (spiders) follow the backlinks
between websites. The more backlinks you have, the more often robots will
visit your site. Many search engines count backlinks to your website as
votes for you. They assume that if lots of websites link to your site it
must be a relevant website and of high quality.

So building links is important factors in getting top placements in search
Building links through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple. There are many
millions of link sites on the net, offering you to put a link on their site
for a back link on your site. On big weblinks site like you can
get your link out for free. More backlinks to your site will help you
increase your traffic significantly, improve your visibility in the search
engines and save you a lot of advertising money. To start, just search
google for "free link directory", you will get many hundreds of thousand
hits. Now that you have find websites to link with, you have to make a link
request. Almost every link directory have a submit link page. Just fill out
the submit form, put a reciprocal link on your site, and wait on those link
requests. As you can see, that the largest drawback building link popularity
properly is time. For best search engine results your backlinks should come
from related pages. So if you are a webmaster of a directory site, you like
to get backlinks from other directory sites. Another thing to think of is
that your backlinks comes from "good neighborhood". Don't have a backlinks
from adult sites if you run a car website. Such sites are known to spam very

Write and send a testimonial to your web host, web designer, web developer
and SEO. They probably publish it at their site and link to you. Send a
comment to your favorite sites and have your name and link at the bottom of
it. Write an article. Their are very many sits to submit articles to. Put
your name and website adress at the bottom, and you have a free link
Don't expect to grow your link popularity overnight. But you force yourself
to spend a couple hours a week on link building, you will se results.
If time constraints keep you from link building, consider outsourcing your
link popularity work. You may find it is not cost effective to do, but make
sure any firm you hire follows good link building practices. Ask for
So think of link building as a long-term investment in your site. Put a
little time to improve your linking today to insure a good search engine
ranking in the future.

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