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Successful candidates meet the following requirements:
=B7 A burning desire to build rock-solid apps that people will be
to live without
=B7 Detail-oriented
=B7 Superb written and verbal communication skills
=B7 Self-directed, highly motivated, and eager to make a positive
=B7 10+ years experience designing and implementing high volume web
=B7 5+ years leading engineering teams through the development process
successful deployments
=B7 Experience with relational and hierarchical database schemas
=B7 Creating high-level and detailed technical design documents, and
conducting design reviews
=B7 Playing an active role in implementing and providing feedback on
=B7 Providing technical guidance to other software engineers
=B7 Implementing new product features using Python and SQL in an
Apache/Linux environment
=B7 Enhancing and maintaining existing product capabilities
=B7 Developing and updating product documentation

Answer the following questions in your cover letter:
1=2E What element of a development process has the biggest effect on the
quality of its product?
2=2E What is the biggest design mistake you've made, and what did you
learn from it?
3=2E What was the biggest design success you've had, and how would you
improve it?
4=2E What are your thoughts on eXtreme Programming, and test driven
5=2E Please provide us with a comparison of the following music discovery



For each of these we like to know:
A) What you like and dislike about each of these.
B) Which one you like the best.
C) Which one you think others might like the best.
D) How you would improve the one you like.

Re: Lead Software Engineer

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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They tend to hang around for a while, you know chit-chat, introductions,  
the whole bum-sniffing shebang.

Only then do they gently probe for the info they desire.

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Please indicate that you understand what you just said by naming just one  
individual that has successfully built and delivered to market even one  
such product insipred by their own imagination and driven by their own  

Other requirements are trivial - frankly surprised you bothered to mention  

In any event - good luck.
William Tasso


Re: Lead Software Engineer

Emma wrote:
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Must spam usenet...

Re: Lead Software Engineer

Emma wrote:
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Must be willing to work for free with the promise of a small share of
the millions of dollars we expect to make off of this site...

Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Lead Software Engineer

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 00:24:37 -0400, Jerry Stuckle

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Surely not! <g>


Woe to him that willfully innovates, while ignorant of the constant.

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