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I noticed on my Mom's computer this weekend that might right column was
shifted down, below the rest of the content, it was like underneath
(except still over some to the right). Do you see the problem? I did
try to fix it just now but I don't know if I was successful.

Anyway, it's been like that for months and I didn't know, but I don't
know how many readers have the issue. Is there some service or some
place I should check to make sure there are no browsers or screen that
will see a site as messed up or should I just test on my own from
various computers/browsers?


Re: Layout problems

Here is the site -- /

Re: Layout problems

this can happen when something is to big to the google
search on your page...
maybe put <br />  or <br>  at the beginning of the code for it...

Re: Layout problems

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks, I pulled it in. I'll ask my Mom if she still see the issue on
her computer.


Re: Layout problems

Cool Beans..

Tips about the Google Search....
While you're making your google search the radial button
for your site on the example... (ie..not the web)...  then it will
default for your site and not web.
Plus something new...the results can be set to open on a page on your
site and not the generic google page...

Chas /

Re: Layout problems

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:37:48 -0700, Eric Frost wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

These are a bad idea:
#rap { width:820px...

#header { width:820px...

#main { width:800px...

#content { width:570px...

If you browse into a fixed width page like this with a
narrow browser window all sorts of things can happen,
most of them unpleasant to look at.

Let the page flow.  Substitute

#y { width:x%....
...for all of those big fixed width areas.

(Let us know the details of what operating system and browser software
the problem computer is running.  Also, how wide is the browser window?
Does the problem go away when you make the window a lot wider?)

You also have many markup validation errors that need to be fixed:

There are so many markup errors, that the CSS validator chokes,
and refuses to even try to validate your CSS at this time.
You want to work to get both HTML and CSS error free.

Re: Layout problems

mbstevens wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I'm going to assume that the code is horrible, because after clicking
the link and reading through this thread, it still hadn't loaded.
Impatience is a virtue? :P

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