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If you are looking for a budget web host you can do a lot better than

If you require meaningless guarantees and rude arrogant support staff
then Krystal is the web host for you.  They have minimal staff (their
CEO hosts the support line and knows nothing!).

They cancel your account with no explanation.

They steal money from your credit card and will not refund it.

They provide no service or support to questions you pose to them.

They lie in their emails to get you to sign up.  I was promised
unlimited free domain pointers - I was given 10 (and then 500 as a
compromise - still not unlimited and not free!).

I was promised the ability to use cron - this was forbidden on their
servers and they could not be bothered to fix this.

All in all, one of the worst web hosts out there!

Re: Krystal Hosting

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I dunno. CIHost might be strong competition for them

Karl Groves

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Take it up with your credit card company.

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Sorry you've had a bad experience.

I for one looked at before recently taking out a
hosting package. It might be worth adding a "rant" there - at the very least
its more likely to be picked up by people checking out other people's
experiences with hosting companies.
Brian Cryer

Re: Krystal Hosting

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We had someone do that after they paid us with a stolen credit card.
Their excuse:

"I didn't steal it, I swapped it for ten Paypal log ins".

Then he left bad reveiews everywhere.
Thjos still do us damage.
We get about one a year where we boot a customer for spamming or somesuch
and they do things like that.
I just get fed up trying to keep on top of them all.

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