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Criticism has always pushed the mankind further in its developments,
and may be that is the very reason I'm am writing this right now. This
webpage ( http://peterdd.ath.cx ) is my localhost as some webmasters
like to say, I would be very grateful if you share your opinion with
me, thus helping me improve it.

Thank you all in advance!

Re: Just another site in the directory...

On Apr 17, 2:09 pm, P.D.Dimit...@gmail.com wrote:
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I like some elements of the layout.

Your visitor counter doesn't work properly... it goes up by one for
EACH page even though I'm just one person, it counted me about 10

I don't like the boxes around the menu and main content. The
background you have is nice and flowing, but it clashes with the

Why have the "compatible with IE" thing on there? I would hope that
ALL sites are compatible with IE, given that's around what 90% of the
web surfing world use.

Re: Just another site in the directory...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you very much for the fast reply! The counter is working (as far
as I think) so that every refresh you make goes in a file, but your IP
address goes one time in another file, that be the "Unique visitors".
What I did was to translate in a wrong way the word, now it says
"Impressions" which is slightly more accurate...

I'm currently working on the menu, but I'm kind of out of ideas, feel
free to give me a hint please.
As for the IE Compatible badge, it stands for... actually I don't
really know why I put it there. The thing I'm pretty sure about is
that the webpage source is validated and should be visualised same in
different browsers, or at least I think so... The only problem goes
with the PNG-24 images I used in the header...

Looking forward for further comments!

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