Just another scam

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If you receive an email like the following, trash it without giving it a
second thought:

Dear sir,

we are interested to buy your domain name XXXX.COM and offer to buy it
from you for  65% of the appraised market value.

As of now we accept appraisals from either one of the following leading
appraisal companies:


If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us.

As soon as we have received your appraisal we will send you our payment
(we use Paypal for amounts less than $2,000 and escrow.com for amounts
above $2,000) as well as further instructions on how to complete the
transfer of the domain name.

We appreciate your business,

P. Miller

I wasted my time responding with this:

"Domain appraisals are worthless. If you really want to buy my domain
name then make me an offer. I'm not going to spend my money on an
appraisal to satisfy someone I don't even know and who is under no
obligation to follow through with an actual purchase. If you want the
name then you pay for the appraisal. "

My reply bounced with, "Delivery to the following recipients failed."


Re: Just another scam

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It does makes me wonder what they hope to gain from it other than wasting
your time.
Brian Cryer

Re: Just another scam

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 11:23:47 -0000, Brian Cryer wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It drives traffic to the "leading appraisal companies" (HA!) that are in
cahoots with the spammer -- if not actually owned by the spammer.

Re: Just another scam

Allodoxaphobia wrote:
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That was my first thought, but unless they are using several shell
companies there is no connection -- at least none that I could find.


Re: Just another scam

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I got an email [wait, I got TWO] from eliteinvestment.net claiming
interest in two domain names I have for sale on eBay.

I sent him to eBay to bid.

I googled company name and find that they steer you to an appraiser.

I analyzed header and saw that eliteinvestment.net's message
originated in Scottsdale, home of .... well you know ...

eliteinvestment.net is also listed as
   Domains by Proxy, Inc.

If he wants to get my domain names appraised, he can watch eBay where
they will be appraised by the market place.

Re: Just another scam

Brian Cryer wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

They were hoping to make some money before they got shut down.

Guy Macon

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