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I've used CGPNuke, DragonflyCMS, and most recently Joomla.  However, I
am NOT experienced with any of them.  I have a hosting package from and they give me FTP and SSH access (which I am
moderately familiar with).  I have up to 50 MySQL databases and I've
got 2 domains registered with them.  The one I am asking about today is

Right now I've got Joomla loaded on there and I'm trying to configure
Gallery2 on it.  I don't think I'm doing something right.  Here is the
working URL for it,

When I went throught the installation wizard web page for Gallery it
asked me lots of questions all of which seemed to succeed just fine.
Then it asked me which modules I wanted (because I downloaded the
"full" version from their website), and I picked a TON of them.  I then
downloaded and installed throught the component install feature of
joomla, the gallery2 integration.  This also seemed to go ok.

My problem is, I don't seem to see anything working in gallery.  There
are no albums, I see know way of creating them.  In the Joomla admin
page there is a component administration page for gallery2, but it
won't let me see any modules or anything, just set up users and
configuration stuff.

I guess what I need to know is, if I'm just setting up a website for my
wife and I to post pictures and personal news to, is all of this worth
it?  I've set up a dragonflycms site with coppermine and it was darn
easy.  I don't like coppermine all that much though, and I know my wife
won't like it's low tech interface.  She's used to uploading pictures
to snapfish and Walmart, and I thought that Gallery2 with some of it's
modules would give us a really nice UI.

If anybody has any tips, hints, suggestions, ideas, or advice... PLEASE

Brandon Riffel

Re: Joomla vs. PhpNuke vs. Dragonfly vs. whatever else wrote:
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Yeah, have you tried the Modules function, I use Mambo on a site I
maintain and I am thinking that you should be able to do what you want
from with in modules.
If not then try goinn in through the front end of the site.
Regards Chad.

Re: Joomla vs. PhpNuke vs. Dragonfly vs. whatever else wrote:

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sure. all the help you need is on the appropriate Joomla forum. /

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