Joomla/CSS menu?

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I can't post the url, just looking at it for a friend while they are
on lunch but don't know much about Joomla...

The problem is the menu on the left. It has a slide out sub-menu on
hover which goes under the content area on the right.

I had a problem like this before but I wasn't using Joomla and not
sure where to look.

Anyone use joomla ? LOL.

- Heidi

Re: Joomla/CSS menu?

On 6/28/2011 5:01 AM, Heidi wrote:
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No, but I would look at the z-index first.

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Re: Joomla/CSS menu?

No, but I would look at the z-index first.

Thanks TK, I will take a look at those too.
I was thinking is overflow problem. Most are set to hidden.
Just have to find the ones that need to be changed to visible...

Re: Joomla/CSS menu?

Okay got it fixed in a minute and a half when given access to FTP for the
site in question :)
It was an overflow problem like I suspected...

course now he found the problem of the submenu that slides out goes up at
lower resolutions covering the logo but down at my resolution (1440X900)
like it should.

That is a completely different issue though and he only asked me to fix the
submenu on the left being hidden by the content on the right LOL.

He was happy and a bit surprised it didn't take me much time... *grin*

- Heidi

Re: Joomla/CSS menu?

On Tue, 28 Jun 2011 07:14:46 -0500, TK wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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It is a z-index issue.
Set the submenu css to a value way high ;)


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