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Has anyone here used Joomla! CMS for really large sites?

I'm part of a project that is looking to implement a Joomla! based web
site for 3000 busy users, across 4 physical locations (with their own
local servers). Joomla! looks like it'll handle our content fine, but
I'm trying to figure out how to  get the content properly syncing
between the locations.

For example, if someone creates a page on the Japanese server, it also
needs to appear on the US server. That's fine, but then a US user wants
to update content on their server, and that of course would have to
replicate back to Japan. We start to run into potential circular
replication issues.

The way the current web site works is that we *only* allow Content
Management via the Japanese server, and the replication is purely
one-way. But this wont work with a highly user-configurable CMS like
Joomla as configuration would be stored in the local server. We can't
simply point all servers at a single database server as we'd rapidly
saturate our expensive lease lines.

Actually this may not even be Joomla! specific as it applies to any
distributed system... Any readers here have experience of this sort of
large scale multi-location web app?


x theSpaceGirl (miranda)


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Re: Joomla! CMS

SpaceGirl wrote:

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I would have thought that having one or maybe two Database servers
would have been the way to go with this kind of project. Due to the
fact that you will have a number of users in various locations of the
world wanting to add content to the same site. The other way to
perhaps do it, would be to have one main site with a number of sub-
domains which re-direct to a specific part of the site. You could re-
write the URL's through .htacces.

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Regards Chad.

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