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My Dear Friend,

Why are you still reading this letter? If you are interested in my
achievement as proved by Google Analytics, you must belong to one of
the following groups:

1. Complete newbie in online business. You can't wait to start.

2. Semi-newbie, invested 5 figures in internet marketing courses, but
failed to make even a dime by following the hype & crap. You feel
hopeless. You want to quit. You swear this is the last time you read a

3. You are generating decent online income, but you want a

I understand how you feel. Because, from my seminar students, I know
that many of them were passionate about the unlimited business
opportunities on internet but failed miserably before attending my
seminar. They told me that not only them, but also many of their
friends were suffering the same problem. However, not everyone was
fortunate to be able to afford seminar ticket price, we are talking
about several thousand dollars. /

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