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Ok so I thought I had found the perfect host when I had switched to
Media Temple ( ) and it still seems like that
BUT due to MT having PHP on safe-mode and running a version of MySQL
that doesn't support boolean full-text searches, all for "security"
reasons, I gots to move my Xbox site elsewhere.

I'll say it now!:


Anyways, recommendations are fine because THAT is what I am looking for.
If you know of a company that can compete with MT, in terms of service
and support anyways (which I think is hard to beat, cuz once I called
them at 2AM just to figure out the link to the control panel and the
agent seemed very happy to be up at 2AM and help).

Not looking for much, 300 MB space, 10-15GB traffic, 25+ pop 3, 1 mysql
(version 4 and up), php (version 4.3.10 and up). TRUE 24/7 support,
phone support will definetly do the trick. A control panel, and if
possible real webstats. And you guys know how old I am so don't tell me
to spend more than .50 cents on this a month. (I mean $10-15.00USD).

Definetly looking for a company whos been around a while. So let's get
those suggestions in guys. I really want to become a thousand-aire next
month so I gotta get this site back up :D.
Sharif T. Karim
....who loves IE?...

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