Is your website task-focused?

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Three important hints to build more effective intranet websites:

1.focus on how content helps people do their jobs
better. Focus on specific tasks that people do. Isolate how
intranet content can make these tasks faster and more efficient.

2.become obsessive about metrics, about proving to
management that content does actually deliver value.

3.keep your website lean and mean.

Ronny De Winter
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Re: Is your website task-focused?

Ronny De Winter wrote

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Alternatively, tell management to fuck off.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Is your website task-focused?

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I still remember a guy to tell his boss "Chris, go fuck yourself". And the
big silence that followed for like 20 minutes :-) (There were like 7 people
in that office :-D).

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Re: Is your website task-focused?

On 8 Oct 2005, John Bokma wrote:

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The closest I ever came to that was when I was an LAC[1] stationed in
Germany and was handling parts supply for the GCA RADAR section.  Parts
that were small enough were stored on shelves in little boxes and the
location on our inventory cards specified the shelf by number, the column
by letter and the position in the box by number again.  The first part in
the box at the uppermost left corner of the shelves was, therefore, at
location "1 A 1", the next at "1 A 2" and the fifth part in the third
box on the fourth shelf was at "4 C 5".

One day, a Flight Lieutenant[2] came into the section looking for a
capacitor for a project.  I was just passing by the card for that part
while looking for another part so, as soon as he finished his description
and I could see that the card in my hand was for the part he wanted, I
blurted out the part location and then continued to look for the other

It took a moment or two to realize that the ensuing silence was due
to my blurting out "four Q two" to an officer.

[1] Leading Air Craftsman in the Royal Canadian Air Force[3]
[2] For Americans, "Lieutenant" was pronounced "LEF ten ant"
    and *not* "LOO ten ant".
[3] For Americans, it's roughly equivalent to PFC.
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Re: Is your website task-focused?

John Bokma wrote:
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Hmm must be a few times now I've had written warnings at different
companies for.... showing my feelings :)


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Re: Is your website task-focused?

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A few years ago, my wife had gotten so pissed at her boss one day that she
just grabbed her stuff and walked out.

She went back the next day like nothing ever happened. Later that day, the
boss called her in to the office to tell her that he was giving her a
$1.00/hour raise.

Nothing was ever said about her walking off.

Sometimes, you just never know...

Re: Is your website task-focused?

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That's called the George Castanza solution in some circles.

Re: Is your website task-focused?

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Reminds me of the time I worked at a factory and turned a network connected
measuring device into it's own company intranet site. It was a little more
factual than the REAL intranet site. And another reason they should have
fired me before I quit.

Jim Snape of Page-Zone Web Hosting
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