is there anybody looking for revenge for the "hamann-bridge"?

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well, maybe i've got something for you.

the german tv-station "ZDF" - it's sth like like BBC - is looking for
the most beautiful place all over germany. it's an internet-vote, and
the viewers are allowed to send their own places.

so we did it. we are a non-commercial campusradio from aachen, near the
dutch border.

we send in a place which is used to be a meeting-point for the homeless
of aachen. now this place is fighting against places like the
reichstag, neuschwanstein or the "brandenburger tor".

but we need assitance to get that place on top. maybe you can help an
take revenge for the hamann-bridge?

here we go: visit /. i'll try to get you a "how
to", beacause the page is in german, as you possibly may imagine.

so, visit this page, make sure you have checked the box beside the word
"zuschauervorschlaege" on top. then you'll see the list of places. the
4th from top is called "Aachen, Rondell an der W=FCllnerstra=DFe". that's
our place. just click on "abstimmen" and give a random name and adress.
at the box "PLZ" you may type the number "52062" and at the box
"wohnort" you can type "aachen", e.g.

just make sure that you type in a valid mail-adress, because you'll
receive a mail with a link. if you've clicked on that link, your vote
is finished.

and germany may get a meeting-point for the homeless as the most
beautiful place... let's hope!

thanks for the attention :)

ps: if you like to see a picture of that place, visit /

Re: is there anybody looking for revenge for the "hamann-bridge"?

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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Can I send Slough?  all of it, please, and if there's room could you take  
Reading town centre too.

William Tasso

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