is that a good offer for a server installation?

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A person I know needs to receive large files (about 500 Mb) from his
customers to be downloaded and then worked.
Each customer should have his own protected area.
He has contacted a computer company (moreover distant more than 100 km from
his office) that has proposed this solution:
1. buying a server to mantain in his office
2. SO linux based upon kernel 2.6xx
3. web server&php. apache
4. firewall
5. installation of cwfm (a software that manages files, at first I believed
that should be created by them, but then I found out to be free on the net ) upload and download are managed via http

The economic offer was:
- installation SO linux: configuration linux, apache, php, dns, iptables and
cwfm  --->3000 euro (about 3600 dollars)
- mantainance ---> first year free, from the second on 1000 euro (about 1200
purchasing of the server is apart

I'm very doubfull about this, but the person who should buy everything is
even enthustiastic about the onesty and knoledge of these people.

They insisted above all on the issue of security, as if hackers ordinary
waste their time to manage to keep wedding albums sent via the internt, and
they told him that ftp is not secure for this and their program is based
upon http. "It could be seriously risky for his customer privacy" !!!

1) do you relly think that http is more secure than ftp?
2) do you think http is the right solution for uploading so large files?
3) what do you think about the economic offer? Consider that I' writing from
Italy and here everything is cheaper compared to, for example USA or
northern europe. So you have to consider higher the sum he has to pay.

Has somebody some link to correlated topics? As it seems that I have no
authority with this person, wich insted should have a site with articles
written by knoledged people. I've made a search on the internt but I was non
able to find anything usefull.

bye and thank you to those who will express an opinion


Re: is that a good offer for a server installation?

Giuseppe wrote:
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No.  Neither is secure.  If you want security, start with sftp.

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Nope.  sftp with restart for times the link gets dropped.

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Installing Linux, Apache and a firewall takes less than a day.  I don't know
about cwfm, but I doubt it takes very long.

Now you tell me - is that worth $3,000 euros?

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Articles do not necessarily indicate knowledge by the website owner!

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Re: is that a good offer for a server installation?

Giuseppe wrote:

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I would say that HTTP, though a nice, convenient method for newbies is a
rather stupid choice of protocol here, considering the size of the files.

HTTP uploads cannot be resumed, so if a customer has a problem half way
through an upload (or worse still, 95% of the way through!) they'll have
to start over from the beginning.

You say that file security is important -- HTTP will not give you this.
Neither will FTP. Look towards Rsync-over-SSH or SFTP, which should also
give you good support for resuming. (Rsync is arguably the best as it will
also detect any corruptions while uploading and repair them.)

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Seems a little pricey, but it depends on the knowledge/skill-level of the
person/company. If they're recommending a web file manager for dealing
with files of about 500MB, then their knowledge/skill-level is not likely
to be high.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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