Is POWWEB down?

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8:15pm EST here in Florida and my web sites hosted with POWWEB are
I can't get through to the POWWEB site, nor can I ping it.
Anyone else experiencing any issues?

I wonder if they are under a DOS attack, or did the big one just hit

For all the gripes about them that I have read, the past month the
performance does seem to have improved, and they have generally been
pretty reliable.

Re: Is POWWEB down?

I ended up calling POWWEB support - got a recorded msg to say they were
having network issues and working on it.

Re: Is POWWEB down?

They are back up - down for about an hour...

Re: Is POWWEB down?

INANE (I'm Not A Network Expert)...

But it sure looked like a DDOS to me.  My packets were being dropped
way before they neared the data center... typical of a DDOS defence.

And still nothing about the outage on the support forums...

 - C

Re: Is POWWEB down?

Poddys wrote:
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Just came back up. Was down for at least an hour, including all their
own websites.

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Wouldn't matter anymore. Powweb was bought out by Endurance
International and all the customers migrated to servers back east.

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I haven't been experiencing the full on outages that became common
earlier in the year but my site (particularly a board) is running
really slow all the time. Between that and all the various ISPs that
ban email from Endurance, I guess it's time to be shopping the other

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