Is it worthwhile using a .org domain of another popular site using the .com domain

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I have purchased a .org domain, with the same domain name as a popular
internet security & privacy software page.  I have two questions.  The
first question is will search engines list my site using the .org
domain, since the .com domain has been used for many years by an
established internet security and privacy site?  I would like to use
the domain to give internet security & privacy info(specifically
securely deleting files/data off a hard drive) and as an affiliate of
the company that uses the .com domain as well as Google Adsense.  My
second question is will I be violating any copyrights by having a site
using the .org domain.  Any help or feedback would be greatly
appreciated.  If there is a better forum to post this, please let me

Chris H.

Re: Is it worthwhile using a .org domain of another popular site using the .com domain

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The search engines will probably eventually list you, but if its a popular
site you are trying to imitate they'll probably always be far ahead of you
in search engine results and same for sites that link/reference the .com
site... so much so that relying on search engine placement will probably not
ever garner you much in the way of traffic.

Unless you really market and promote your site about the internet the best
you could hope for is that there are some people out there that are so
stupid that they mistakenly type instead of the .com version
of the domain name.

As for "copyright": its not a copyright issue.  Its a trademark issue.

If your domain name is the exact same as theirs with the only difference
being the .com/.org on the end and you are going to be referencing their
content/services then its highly likely that they will have your site shut
down and take your domain name away as soon as they find out about it.  It
wouldn't matter if you are an affiliate or not.

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