Is frustration & anger common among Webmasters or is it just me?

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I'm Pretty Sure I'll Be Let Down

Just got back from Freedom Village Forum. While I was there (7:30 AM
EST) I saw there were five visitors but yet when I posted, no one
responded and the number actually dropped to zero! I know it's not
uncommon during weekends and Summer months for visits to on-line sites
to be down but still it kinda leaves me feeling "depressed", like it's
my fault. No one other than Maryanne had posted since I completed FV's
Birthday Page and that too was a kind of let down  (NOT Maryanne's
post, that brought a smile to my face, her reaction is what I like to
hear .).  What is it with me and my frustration, sometimes it's
acually anger where I want to wash my hands of the Village? I don't
understand it myself, do other Webmasters/Forum Owners/Webring
Managers/Webpage Mangers.....heck I don't know what to call
us.....once I had someone post on my blog, "We have only one master,
the Lord, I like Webfriend." well you can bet that confused me even
more and I feel guilty when I use the word webmaster now .

I spent the entire day, from 6:00 AM to 10 PM working on the birthday
page and making comments on my friends and family blogs to invite them
to stop by and post in FV on Monday, July 23rd. I even went to a
couple of internet boards and posted my request but, "I'm pretty sure
I'll be let down." I know that is a negative way of thinking but I've
been let down more than "picked up" (don't forget, I'm
depressed..ummm...maybe thats WHY I'm depressed).

Ok maybe if I'm honest here and list what I'm feeling about all
this....maybe things will make better sense and I can get off this
blasted computer and enjoy my Saturday!

Here's some of the things I feel, are they the same for other

-When I make changes to the forum I like getting input from members &
visitors, whether its positive or not.....when hardly anyone responds,
I get let down and wander if it is worth it and what I've done wrong.

- When I see the number of hits per day, week or months are
low.....I'm let down...what am I doing wrong.

- When I post and get no or few responses and.......hardly anyone
answers....I get let down.

- When I need others to help me carry out an event, such has the
forums 5th year celebration on the internet and no one helps me
coordinate something that will boost the number of members and visitor
count.....I get let down....I had two people offer articles for the
Birthday Page .

- I requested everyone who comes to the Village to invite family and
friends in their email address books and blogs to stop by on Monday
and leave a post....I'm pretty sure I'll be let down on that
too...even though at first I felt upbeat and folks would stop in.

- No one has posted regarding the Birthday Page except Maryanne. Of
course it's a little early but then again maybe it's not anything that
others have time for or care about.

- I've noticed that few people other than Chez tries to promote
Freedom Village with links in their blogs or sites. I was asked a few
time in the past to give the link code so they could put it on their
pages, but, since I'm not sure how to do that (I could give them the
one I'm using but they haven't asked) I wasn't able to give them a
code. For those who have tried to help promote the board I've noticed
you gotta look really hard to find the link, but at least they're
trying but it makes me feel the Village isn't worth their time or
they're ashamed of it. It could be some folks are doing it in emails
but...........anyway it's aggrevating and frustrating that maybe Chez
and I are the only ones trying to promote the board....this is just my
frustration thinking out loud (or is that in silent

-I often try to get someone to volunteer or get involved in an event
affecting members or the board......forget it....few people have the
time or desire. The votelets have been around for a good long time.  I
would put them up and then pull them down because someone, usually
just one, would complain about the questions, "too sensitive a
subject" they would say. For the past month or so I've been using the
votelets on a regular basis and I'm pleased to say they have been a
success. When I see little things acually work....heck.... I want to
embarrass myself and yell out for all the neighbors to hear!

-We have an achievers list webpage of ex-smokers or want to be ex-
smokers and it is often like trying to pull teeth getting people to
take pride in that page announcing their acheivements in beating this
damned deadly addiction!

-For FV's Birthday Mags wanted names listed from the picture of
original members of the board, most were founders who helped us put
the board together and actually, of all those founders, Mags is the
only one who has stood by to help me. She wanted the names listed by
the picture to go in her article.  Anyway I emailed her that I
couldn't do that. Why....well I'm not holding "grudges" against past
members as my friend might think. What I am doing is trying to respect
their requests, even if it was years ago. Until they tell me other
wise, I will hold to what they demanded of me. As an owner of Freedom
Village and other webpages it's my responsibilty to honor the requests
of others.....or.....who knows I really could possibly be sued....I
just don't know but I sure nuff don't want to find out! Most requests
I try to fulfill or honor because it's just the way I am.

Is most of what I'm feeling just plain old ego and pride? Is it being
selfish to want others to be pleased, to give input (negitive or
positive) on what you create, design and try to provide for them? If I
was out to make a profit I could understand but when you're doing this
as "none profit" to try and help others well....I'm confused. So in a
way even though FV is having a five year milestone I'm having
a.....what should I call it......ok.....FRUSTRATION, CONFUSION,
ANGER!   Now that I've spilled my guts for the day.....I feel better
and think I'll stop thinkin' about Freedom Village, Webpages, members,
visitors, FV's birthday, MySpace, Wiki's.......Nuff for the day. I
live in awesome can that be....I gotta get out of the
house! .

Have a great weekend and don't forget to drop by the Village on Monday
but any day is good!

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Re: Is frustration & anger common among Webmasters or is it just me?

BubbaJames wrote:
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You will be, if you expect too much.

Being on the net doesn't guarantee you thousands of admirers. It only
guarantees that you are on the net.

Re: Is frustration & anger common among Webmasters or is it just me?

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Thanks Scott that is one of the things I've suspected about my self,
my expectations may be too high. As for admirers, I'm not looking for
those and besides, being a webmaster for 5 plus years you learn the
hard way that you can't please problem is,  I'm not sure
I'm providing what people want or need, that is why input is so
important from those who visit or use our sites.

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