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Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Max T.'
Max T.: Thank you for contacting IPOWER Live Chat. How can I help you?
Franky Gun: hello Max
Max T.: Hello Franky.
Franky Gun: can you please check the status of server host55 regarding
the missing GD2 library issue ?
Max T.: I'll be happy to assist you.
Max T.: Please allow me a moment while I look into this further.
Franky Gun: thank you
Max T.: Yes, I am sorry Franky. The server on which you are hosted is
having some issues and the system admins are working diligently to get
it resolved.
Max T.: Please be assured that this will be resolved as soon as
Max T.: We are sorry for the inconvenience faced by you regarding this
Franky Gun: hm, that's the answer we've been getting the last four
days now
Franky Gun: we lost more than 6,000USD already
Franky Gun: it's just a simple library
Franky Gun: must be a bigger prob
Franky Gun: but after all it can't be right that a website is not
working for more than 24hrs
Franky Gun: so what can we expect ?
Max T.: I do understand your concern, and apologize for your
inconvenience. I would be glad to have your issue resolved as early as
possible. please wait some more time it will be fixed soon, our level
2 are working on it.
Franky Gun: yes, we got this textblock 16 times in the last 4 days
Franky Gun: this doesn't help
Franky Gun: i don't think it will be fixed soon
Franky Gun: ipower's credibility is down the drain
Franky Gun: we already transferred 37 of our 44 accounts and 162 of
178 domain names
Franky Gun: we had more than 90 isues, more than 1800 incident numbers
Franky Gun: that all can't be right
Franky Gun: bluehost and lunarpages have been hassle free for 6 years
now, ipower has been going straight downhill the last 20 months
Franky Gun: soplease give me sth i can work with
Franky Gun: my boss gives me hell everytime i come out of this chat
and have NO info at all
Franky Gun: escalation, priority, tech2, and what promises you can
Franky Gun: if i give him this the next time he will shoot me
Franky Gun: Max ?
Franky Gun: still there ?
Franky Gun: plz give me sth
Max T.: yes
Franky Gun: i can't walk up to him and give him the same answer again
Franky Gun: 16 times now
Franky Gun: he will cut off my balls
Franky Gun: we are losing serious money here
Franky Gun: any suggestions ?
Max T.: Please provide me your last incident number of this case, I
will update it to our level 2 tech again.
Franky Gun: 070228-000039
Franky Gun: but this won't help we never got a reply
Max T.: Thanks
Franky Gun: we replied on this one at least 30 times
Franky Gun: no reply
Franky Gun: no changes
Max T.: Let me check it
Franky Gun: ok
Franky Gun: this all can't be true
Franky Gun: at least you are the first operator who doesn't lie
Max T.: Yes, I have added note to your issue and moved it to other
tech, he will be checking it for you and you will have reply soon at
info@xxxxxs.com we are sorry for the delay.
Franky Gun: this email account is NOT accessible
Franky Gun: send it to info@xxxxxxxx.com please
Franky Gun: but hey, never mind. won';t get any reply anyway
Max T.: Okay, let me update your email id.
Franky Gun: thank you
Franky Gun: but trust me, there will be no email reply for us
Franky Gun: we did this 16 times
Franky Gun: not a single reply
Max T.: You will have reply now, we are very sorry for the
inconvenience faced by you.
Franky Gun: no offense, Max, you are just doing your job
Franky Gun: but we can't believe this anymore
Franky Gun: sorry
Franky Gun: we get this 4 times a day
Franky Gun: and i get the s...
Max T.: I can see our level 2 support sent one reply to you 02/28/2007
01:07 AM
Franky Gun: happened to many of our accounts before, like iq-dive.com
or yellowthailand.com and others
Franky Gun: we entirly lost 2 accounts
Franky Gun: last year we lost 38,000USD and 22 clients
Franky Gun: all with ipower
Franky Gun: that's why we are transferring all the accounts
Franky Gun: landportal will definitely be the next
Franky Gun: i think you understand that
Franky Gun: funny thing is that ipower doesn't care
Franky Gun: so what do i tell my boss ?
Max T.: Franky, I have updated your issue with other level 2 support
tech, he will be taking care of your issue.
Max T.: Please be patience you will have reply soon.
Franky Gun: Max, with all due respect, this would be no. 17
Franky Gun: i can say goodbye to my balls
Franky Gun: this all is a big big shame
Max T.: Franky, I do understand your concern, and apologize for your
Franky Gun: if you are in the mood for a laugh plz check google groups
for "ipower live chat". there you will find all the conversation. most
of them knowledge free, but packed with lies. quite funny...
Franky Gun: ok, thank you for being honest with me
Franky Gun: would give a lot to keep you as my pers. operator
Franky Gun: so thank you for your effords, "Max"
Franky Gun: there is another thing
Franky Gun: the database tables for database khaolaks_custom
disappeared overnight
Franky Gun: can you restore them ?
Franky Gun: this happened before on other accounts
Franky Gun: the account hasn't been touched in months
Franky Gun: no code changes
Max T.: is this with landportal.com ?
Franky Gun: no, khaolakserver.com - sorry
Franky Gun: the first 8 characters of the account name determine the
db prefix
Max T.: Yes, let me update same with same incident number.
Franky Gun: how can that happen that ipower loses db tables
frequently ?
Franky Gun: the forums are full with stories about that
Franky Gun: maybe your PR guy should browse the web and check your
reputation - doesn't look good. must have been a change in management
2 years ago
Franky Gun: ok, thanks again
Max T.: Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Franky Gun: one gets a thick and rough coat having ipower probs
Franky Gun: no offense, but in comparison to real support chats this
is more a request block, not a support or help chat
Max T.: Franky, I have updated your issue to level 2 support, we will
highly appreciate your patience regarding this matter.
Franky Gun: what's left to do ? waiting and getting your balls cut off
Franky Gun: but you are a shining light in this bunch of untrained
Max T.: I can see they have reply to you following before 10 minutes :
Max T.: Dear Customer,
Max T.: Thank you for contacting IPOWER Technical Support.
Max T.:
Max T.: The issue you reported appears to be resolved at this time. I
have tested your account and everything is working properly. This may
have been caused by a temporary server issue that has already been
resolved. If this is not the case, please reply back so we can
investigate this further.
Franky Gun: noooooooooooo, don't start lying. wrong text block
Franky Gun: it is NOT working properly
Franky Gun: want me to show you ?
Max T.: Have you checked at this moment ?
Franky Gun: give me 10 secs
Franky Gun: Fatal error: Call to undefined function:
Max T.: Sure
Franky Gun: means GD2 not loaded
Franky Gun: funny, isn't it
Max T.: Refresh your pages
Franky Gun: so PLEASE don't
Franky Gun: maaan, it's a PHP script
Franky Gun: running through the parser every time
Franky Gun: not HTML
Max T.: Provide me login details for : http://www.landportal.com/cms/e_land.php
Franky Gun: xxxxx xxxxx
Franky Gun: scroll down to the images section, pick a JPG and click
"Add Record"
Max T.: ok
Max T.: Yes, getting error.
Franky Gun: see ?
Max T.: Yes
Franky Gun: so it's NOT working properly
Max T.: Yes, let me update level 2 again.
Franky Gun: ok
Max T.: Franky, now level 2 dept is taking care of your issue and you
will have update at info@yellowthailand.com
Franky Gun: ok, thank you
Max T.: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Franky Gun: no, that's it. thank you so much
Max T.: Thank you for contacting IPOWER Live Chat.
Max T.: Enjoy your day.
Max T.: Good-bye

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