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Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks
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Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks
for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
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Cindy R.: Thank you for contacting IPOWER Live Chat. How can I help
Franky Gun: hello Cindy
Cindy R.: Hi Franky.
Franky Gun: what is the status on the missing GD2 library on server
host55 ?
Cindy R.: I'll be happy to assist you.
Cindy R.: Franky , the Gd2 library is assigned on the host55
Franky Gun: but not available
Franky Gun: hasn't been for 4 days now
Franky Gun: we had 16 chats so far, but no help
Cindy R.: You can check at
Cindy R.: http://host55.ipowerweb.com/pinfo
Franky Gun: yes, Cindy, but it is NOT working. the library is NOT
Franky Gun: and your tech2 guys admitted right from the start that
there is a prob
Franky Gun: so what's the status ?
Franky Gun: Fatal error: Call to undefined function:
Franky Gun: that's the error message
Franky Gun: 20secs old
Franky Gun: it's a standard library
Franky Gun: has been working for 14 months
Cindy R.: Did you made any changes in your codes recently ?
Franky Gun: untouched
Franky Gun: and please have a look at the error message
Franky Gun: that's a GD2 function
Franky Gun: not available - not loaded
Franky Gun: we are loosing serious money everyday
Franky Gun: hello ?
Cindy R.: Can you please provide me the reference number for your
request ?
Franky Gun: 070228-000039
Franky Gun: but please don't tell me you updated the issue, high
priority, escalation or what promises ever - we had that 16 times in
the last 4 days
Cindy R.: I have to escalate your issue to our Level 2 techs.
Cindy R.: Please hold for a moment I would escalate your issue right
Franky Gun: and nothing changes
Franky Gun: has been done several times. no effect. no received
emails. any other suggestions ?
Franky Gun: you are grounding our business here
Franky Gun: no offense, you are just doing your job
Franky Gun: but we need some help and info here
Cindy R.: Please allow me a moment I am having our Level 2 techs
looking in to the issue right now , I am confirming the same that is
GD having any problem
Franky Gun: aha
Cindy R.: Do you want gd installed or gd libaray ?
Cindy R.: libraray*
Franky Gun: gd is installed. we need the function available
Cindy R.: Give me the URL where you are facing the problem.
Franky Gun: http://www.landportal.com/cms/e_land.php
Franky Gun: user machteng, pass tengmach
Franky Gun: we did this soooo many times...
Cindy R.: There is no error in that
Franky Gun: scroll down to the images section, click "Browse", pick a
JPG file, clcik "Add Record"
Franky Gun: it's about IMAGES
Cindy R.: Franky, I gave your incident to our system admin
Cindy R.: He is dealing with it right now
Cindy R.: I would have the constant update from him and get it done
for you
Franky Gun: you expect us to beleive that anymore ?
Cindy R.: There is a problem with the server due to which you faced
the problem
Franky Gun: four days ?
Cindy R.: Yes, I do understand
Franky Gun: so why do your guys always tell me it would be solved
within hours ?
Cindy R.: Please be rest assured I have told our system admin to reply
Franky Gun: we lost 15,288USD so far
Franky Gun: i know this text block
Cindy R.: I apologize on behalf of them
Franky Gun: nothing changes
Cindy R.: I once again sincerely apologize for the delay regarding the
Cindy R.: Your patience and understanding regarding the matter will be
highly appreciated.
Franky Gun: patience was at an end when it hit the 3,000USD mark
Cindy R.: yes, I do understand your concern, and the loose that you
have faced
Cindy R.: I understand your concern. I sincerely apologize for the
Cindy R.: As we are Level 1 techs we do not have the access on the
Franky Gun: i know
Cindy R.: Please be rest assured, our system admin is dealing with the
Franky Gun: will be a long weekend for him
Cindy R.: No, he is trying his best to get it done at the earliest
Franky Gun: this is what we were told 4 days ago, sorry
Cindy R.: Please be rest assured you would receive the reply from our
system admin once they fix the issue , and they would get back to you
at info@xxxxxxs.com
Franky Gun: please send to info@xxxxxxxxx.com
Cindy R.: Okay
Cindy R.: Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Cindy R.: Thank you for contacting IPOWER Live Chat.
Cindy R.: Have a good night.
Cindy R.: Good-bye.

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