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(This is a synopsis of a similar post to a.html; apologies if you're
seeing this twice.  It was suggested that I ask here.)

I have an airlink101 ipcam.  It "streams" jpeg images to a web browser.

Basically, the camera sends a never-ending http page, and continually
retransmits a jpeg image.

I want to grab that stream and display it as an embedded object, similar
to the way you see live webcams.  I'm not really interested in recording
it; I just want someone who hits my website to see the action as it happens.

I had initially tried to repeatedly grab the image but it takes about
1-2 seconds to refresh, and the camera frame rate is 10 fps.  Here's the
description of the process the camera uses (from

MotionJPEG over HTTP uses the Content-Type header
"multipart/x-mixed-replace" along with a configurable boundary. This
means that the stream is made up of Multiple Parts (hence multipart) and
each new frame should replace the previous frame (hence
x-mixed-replace). This particular camera sends an HTTP Header like this:

Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace;boundary=--video boundary--

Some googling revealed that this is also called 'server push'.

So..  I'm kind of stuck on how to deal with that.  I want to take that
stream and display it an an embedded object in a webpage.  The page is
generated on the fly with php, so I could do some processing on the fly.
  I have mencoder and other tools available on the backend.

Are there any references anywhere for streaming video?  All I get with
Google is offers to host my stream, but I can't find a HOWTO....


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