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Is there any free database for IP geolocation? I need to get country and
city information.
Maxmind is a too expensive for me, the GeoLite City product seems to be $370
per year.


Re: IP geolocation

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 09:21:39 -0700, Frank put finger to keyboard and

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MaxMind GeoLite City is free.

The equivalent paid-for product is MaxMind GeoIP City, which does cost
$370 a year. But, unless you really need the level of detail in the
paid-for product, the Lite databases are fine - bearing in mind that
even the paid-for version is only 80% accurate at city level.

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Re: IP geolocation

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Hi Mark,

I actually meant $450, not $370.
I went to the following page for information about GeoLite City:


It says:

Cost: Free
Redistribution: Free, subject to GPL/LGPL for APIs and database license.
Commercial distribution licences are available.

Now I click on "Commercial distribution licenses" and the following is

GeoLite City Database - 1 year - $450

I don't understand the difference between the "paid" GeoLite City database
for $450 and the Free version.
Under which circumstances would I need a commercial licence? I just want to
show a few maps on my web site using their technology (do I need a
commercial license for that?)


Re: IP geolocation

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 10:11:02 -0700, Frank put finger to keyboard and

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You only need a commercial licence if you want to use the data in an
application that you resell and/or you want to use it in a situation
where you will not credit MaxMind for the data. For displaying maps on
your website, the free licence is fine provided you include the
necessary attribution.

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Re: IP geolocation

Frank wrote:

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Are you going to commercially *use* it, or commercially *distribute* it?
If you're only going to *use* it, then you don't need a distribution
licence, do you?

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Re: IP geolocation

You can try http://www.ip2location.com

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