IP addresses management tools

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What IP addresses management tools are being used and how would you
rate them ?

I am looking for a tool to manage ip address, now i am using Excel to
manage ip, I just need basic IP address management, and i also need
subnetting function. The price of the software is very important, i
can't pay too much fee for it, so the software don't use commercial

Thanks for any help....

Re: IP addresses management tools

I found a IP addresses management software - IPMaster, recommend it to
you, it can satisfy your need, You can download this software at

Re: IP addresses management tools

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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oh my my - replying to your own post advertising your own software -  
please excuse my laughter.  I have no idea what your neighbours are like,  
but round these parts folk are blessed with just a little more nous than  
to be taken in by that baloney - please don't make the mistake of assuming  
this neighbourhood is as dense as yours.

William Tasso


Re: IP addresses management tools

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", William Tasso
finally proclaimed:

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I didn't even have to do any digging to see that is the same person
posting both OP and reply... the strangulated English style gave it away
far too easily ;)

Dylan Parry
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