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We are looking for a number of entrepreneurial investors who are
prepared to take a small risk investing in our new business corporation
in return for a share in the projected high returns that we expect to
achieve. These returns are not made on projections drawn out of thin
air, instead they are based on our current trading record. We want
people who will share our passion for this new business venture and
grow their investment with us over time.   Please study our trading
examples for more detailed information. You can view our groups website
at the following address There you will
find all the facts. There are no flashy presentations or hard sell copy
to read through - just the facts about our new venture. Join us and
create real wealth. Our aim is to achieve up to 20% gain per month on
capital invested trading derivatives.
Easy entry to our group. From only USD1000. We are making money unlike
many other groups on the Internet. How? The groups business is based on
solid experience, real people, real information, real investments and
real results. Read about the group first - then decide.

We are also looking for a "master" promoter in your city. If you are a
self starter who is  motivated and well connected, with the ability to
set up and run a small marketing agency that will successfully recruit
new investors for our group please contact us using the contact us form
on our web site.
This could be done part time or full time depending on your own plans.
We look forward to welcoming you to our group.

Re: investors wanted wrote:
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In the US, this statement makes this a "Public Offering", which, given
that this offering is NOT listed with the SEC, makes this an illegal ad
for a public offering. But you probably don't care about that.

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Small to you, I'm sure.

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Not all the facts, I notice. Where is your company address? Not on the
site, although I see
"We intend registering an International Business corporation in the
Offshore jurisdiction of Nevis. This offers us many advantages."

I'm sure it does offer you many advantages, including the advantage of
being able to hide from the authorities & any legal consequence when
you take off with all the money that people "invest".

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Unlike all the honest ones, you mean.

Anybody with half a brain can see that this is a scam. And posting this
off-topic commercial advertisement on this newsgroup is spam.

But thanks for doing so, because now I can report you to godaddy (for
spam) and the SEC (for making an illegal public offering in the US).

Re: investors wanted

Tony wrote:
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And it's even a private registration.  Fortunately, however, private
registrations do not survive a court order.

Also reported to the Federal Trade Commission for potential fraudulent

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