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What do people think about "interstitial pages"? You click a link on
the Apples site that leads to the Oranges site, and before you see the
Oranges page you see one that says "You are now leaving the Apples
site, our privacy policy no longer applies, we're not responsible for
the content, etc."

I have a client asking us to create such a page. I don't have any
problem with the "how", but they can't articulate *why* except that a
site they're trying to model after uses them.

Does anyone know of any hard data on what visitors think about such
pages? on what if any legal protections they provide that aren't
inherent in linking off-site? on how common they are?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Interstitial pages


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The "how" is your business.  The "why" is the customer's business.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Interstitial pages

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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Off topic, but requiring a reply.

I disagree. Our clients come to us not just because we can make Web
pages but because computers, the Web, etc., are not why they're in
business. It's not what they know, and they don't *want* to know it;
they want to focus on running their business.

When we ask about the "why" behind a requirement, frequently one of two
things happens: It turns out that somebody else used a buzzword and
made them think they need something they don't really need, or their
"requirement" is a means to end that's better achieved in other ways.

Not asking "why" is one of the most common failings of project/product
managers, and even more common among programmers who have to gather
requirements themselves. And not asking "why" imposes unnecessary risks
and costs on any project.


Re: Interstitial pages

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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if only that were always true.

can you tell: I currently have a client[1] that is trying to micro manage  
every goddamn pixel?

[1] actually, it's not the client but an over-eager amateur that has been  
delegated the task of 'bringing it all[2] together'
[2] whenever that phrase ('it all') is used, I know the speaker/writer is  
somewhat overwhelmed and is having difficulty focusing on the end-game.
William Tasso

Re: Interstitial pages wrote:

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They suck.  Users hate them, geeks circumvent them. The only people who
like them are the salesmuppets looking for a new slot to sell
advertising in, when they're too dumb to realise that over-doing it
kills the entire site traffic.

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So don't do it.

It sucks. Many hate it. They can't think of a reason why they should do
it either. Why not stop there ?   Why not replace all the words on the
page with the advertiser's brand name too ?

Re: Interstitial pages

Andy Dingley wrote:
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I think he's talking about something different, rather than an
advertising interstitial. This is more along the lines of what you'd see
on a corporate web site, when you click an external link, and a page
comes up saying "You are about to leave our site. We are not responsible
for the content of the site you are about to go to. Blah blah blah."

IMHO, people who employ these kinds of interstitials are demonstrating a
classic case of "solving the wrong problem." This is supposed to signify
that you're leaving the site, and that if the visitor has a problem with
what they see from hereon, not to whine about it to me.

In actuality, this can be accomplished much more easily by putting a
little arrow symbol next to off-site links. This way, a visitor knows
*before* clicking, rather than *after*. Optionally, you could make such
links pop-up in a new window (that's a whole separate debate). As for
those who won't get it, and will write you hate mail complaining about
the other sites you link to... do you really think they'll be assuaged
by a rationally-worded treatise that's stitched in-between? They'll
probably end up writing to whine about that instead. :-)

David J. Hennessy /

Re: Interstitial pages

Suddenly, without warning, David Hennessy exclaimed (12-Sep-06 5:54 AM):

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I like this answer better (arrow).  Whenever it makes sense, I'll group
off-site links together, and note them as such.  I didn't know they were
called "interstitials", but I hate them too.  My general method is to
tell 'em on the page whenever it's not a link to a page on the site.  If
it opens a pdf, jpg or other file, that's clearly noted as well -
including the size.


Re: Interstitial pages wrote:
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There's no hard data on this. How can there be?
Focus groups on internet habits, likes and dislikes? ;)

All you got is opinion.
And if you remove the pi you got an onion.
Client wants, client gets.

You can charge later for the removal.


Re: Interstitial pages

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I see these on the websites of some law firms, accounting firms and
government agencies -- outfits that want to make it VERY clear that they are
not responsible for the information on the pages that will appear after the
visitor follows the link beyond the interstitial page.

It may seem excessive to us, but these folks are bound by strict laws or
professional codes that regulate their marketing materials, including
website content.


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