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In my homepage, there are lot of external components
 For example, consider the following code.
(an image:/mypic.jpg)
(content: about my site and links to other sites.)
script 1:<script language = "javascript" src =
" "> <br/>
script 2: <script language= "javascript"
src=" "><br/>
script3: <script language="javascript"
src=" "><br/>
several others

When i use firefox, the backgound loads first, then the text content
loads, then the image loads, then script 1 loads, then script 2 loads,
then script 3 loads, all of them with about 2 seconds interval and then
"done" is displayed in the status bar.

When I use internet explorer 6 and 7, the background loads first, then
nothing happens for 14-16 seconds, then the whole page is displayed at
once, then done is displayed in the status bar.

1. How do i make the elements load one by one in internet explorer as
they load in Firefox?
2. If any of the external websites are not working, the Firefox just
skips them instantly, but internet explorer takes 2 minutes to display
the page at once (excluding the background). Is there a solution for

Re: internet explorer manipulation wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A URL would be nice. I guess Firefox does on the fly rendering, and IE
waits for things to be ready before displaying this. You can have only
some control over the speed, not the order, etc.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Not I am afraid.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I guess that Firefox has the option to fetch the links in the background
on. It takes always some time to figure out that a site is not working. If
Firefox does this instantly it's because it has already done this check
earlier on.

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