Internet Explorer 3.0 era browsers

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147 hits* from operating system Windows 3.xx
Browser hits inlcuding:
Msie 5.23    1
Msie 5.5    2
Msie 5.0    11
Msie 3.0    1
Firefox  8
Firefox 1.5      1
Netscape 4.0     76

Visitors from 117 countries must explain the incredibly old browsers?
Surely no one but 3rd world countries are still using that old of stuff
(released 1996).  Or are they just masking what browser they are using?

*I understand that only represents a hand full of visitors.  My pages
probably average 5 hits per page view.

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Re: Internet Explorer 3.0 era browsers

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Why would anyone care whether you know what their browser is unless
they suspect you of trying to exploit some bug?  The real boogeymen
are going to want to look just like everybody else.

Nah, I think people are still using old stuff.  It's a Windoze thing I
suspect, once you  finally get Windoze to install something that
works, it's sometimes better just to stick with what you have because
there's no telling what will happen if you install something newer.
I'd guess that those folks are still running whatever came
preinstalled on their system, they'll keep on running the same stuff
until their hardware gives out, then they'll be in new-version-shock
for at least a few months.

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Re: Internet Explorer 3.0 era browsers

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Charitable donations of ancient PC's to nations that have next to nothing nor a
pot to piss in.

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