Internet Business Promoter software?

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I知 looking for a good Internet Business Promoter software
to help promote my business site and allow me to
maintain a good search engine ranking.

The problem with the program I found when searching the internet
is that all of them are expensive and require monthly payment, and
I知 not sure about such services or better try to promote
my site myself. What are the options, the better software, services,

Does anybody know about the Axandra Internet Business Promoter (IBP)

I値l appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance

Re: Internet Business Promoter software?

Edward altered the spacetime fabric by disgorging

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The best machine for website promotion would be Human Being v1.0

Any automated software will, most likely, either spam the living
daylights out of your site, resulting in cancellation of your hosting at
worst, or, at best, quickly become out of date with the various sites'
guidelines and rules.

Here's a coupla hints:

1) Keep your site's content up-to-date and relevant to your audience. If
your average visitor is returning once a day to your site, you should
have new content every 12 hours. If they come back once a week, have new
content once every three days.

2) Keep your keywords relevant to the content of your site. Use those
keywords in *legitimate* sentances on your site.

3) Make sure your users/visitors can interact with your site: Give them a
reason not only to come back, but to get friends and colleagues to come

4) If your site is uber-relevant to a certain market segment, talk to the
media outlets who cover that market segment and see if you can get talked
about by them.

5) If your specialty isn't Search Engine Optimization, then pay the
dollars to someone who's specialty it *is* - ask in this newsgroup who
would come recommended. The do-it-yourself days of becoming #1 on Google
with only 10 minutes of work are long gone.

Marc Bissonnette
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Re: Internet Business Promoter software?

Automated promo? SO absically repeated postings
of the same exact message? That will make your
buisness look like a spammer and may get you sued some day.

---- to make funny image and ecards with your text!

Re: Internet Business Promoter software?

Edward wrote:
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As stated, automated software can only do so much.  I use Internet
Business Promoter from Axandra (IBP) - see my review at

IBP is good value for money and does not cause a great deal of spam as
all it does is submit details of your site to the major search engines
(not link sites or newsgroups which a lot of automated software does).
It also has semi-automatic submitters, so that you can find suitable
directories or search engines which will not accept machine input of
website details, and it will help you to complete the forms as

It has plenty of tools to help compare the keywords, weightings etc on
your site with those used by your rivals, so that you can see where
improvements could possibly be made to the content of your website (for
example to decrease the number of occurances of some keywords).

It is also regularly updated with the latest details of search engines
and proves an excellent purchase (or at least I think so)

Rich Mellor

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