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Does anyone know of an interactive database form maker? I have looked at
those I can find around like Form Maker Pro and they all accept info from a
form and store it in a database (good) but the feature I am looking for is
a calculation based on forms submitted.
e.g. I run courses.... a user completes a form where they see:

There are 21 places remaining in this course.

After their submission the next person see's

There are 20 places remaining in this course.

Is there an interactive form with this feature?


Re: interactive form maker

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 15:39:17 +1000, plato put finger to keyboard and

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This would be a trivial programming task using any common scripting
language and database comination. Rather than looking around for
pre-designed solutions which will either not be exactly what you want
or will be excessively over-engineered, why not just pay someone to
create a script for you, if you don't have any scripting knowledge
yourself? It's only a few minutes worth of work. You might even find
someone on here willing to do the job for a small fee.

Alternatively, learn a scripting language and SQL and do it yourself.
This would be an ideal project for a beginner.

Please give me one!
"A pocket full of mumbles, such are promises"

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