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My subdomain is sitting in the rootdirectory of the main domain and I
added www. to the subdomain. Like:
I also added a subdomain: which is via .htaccess
directed to

Now my google account asks me if I want a preferred domain name. I did
say yes and set it to
According to googles help centre it is impossible to get this question
in your account for a "subdomain". Nevertheless they ask it and you
can set it as well without any problem at first sight.

After some month my subdomain is cached very well and also very
frequently. However for my main domain the google account tells me
that the starting page is not be=EFng visited anymore. The date is still
from 19 aug. for the last visit. This is NOT true since in practice
the caching date is reguraly updated as is the content of the cache
with the last date be=EFng 18 october.

So seems nothing to worry about accept that google gives a wrong last
visited date. Not true because the visiting rate of the other pages of
my main domain has dropped to 1/4 of that of my subdomain. So the
caching most of these pages are now 4 month old and not renewed.

Google suddenly (since I set the "preferred subdomain", so it seems)
is very much less interested in my main domain.

Anyone a clue?

Gr. Rob

Re: indexing subdomain

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I did say yes and set it to should be and set it to:

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