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i'm sure you know, that if you create accounts on bookmarking sites, social
sites, etc etc with high PR and have your link posted in your profile or to
make a news post it'll help your own PR.

now my question is...say you create 2+ accounts on the same sites, will that
help it even more....or does it only work once/site?

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Larry wrote:
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greedy little bugger aren't ya?

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What is your goal here, to get more people to your site, for your site to be
in the top 10 when someone types in one of your keywords, or just to be able
to say, Hey my site is a PR6 or 7?

I would worry more about the serps and a lot less on PR.

Just a thought.

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I think it will work once per page. If there are two links from a page to
your site then I don't think that will count any more than one. Something
else to be aware of is that Google does keep track of the website as well as
the page that the links come from. I can't prove it but I strongly suspect
that two links from different sites are worth more than two links from
different pages on the same site.

Unless your site has a PR or 0 or 1 I think its unlikely to be worth your
time creating additional links in this way, because I doubt it will make
much real difference beyond PR 1.

Probably better to concentrate on link exchanges. That said, I've been
meaning to post the question on whether link exchanges are still worth the

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

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