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This is an idea to get more daily visits on your website.
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* Languages supported by Google language tools : English , Spanish ,
German , French , Japanese , Portuguese , Italian
* Your website's main ( native ) language is one of the above , so
only search queries performed in that language will bring users to your
* Surfers could understand also other languages than their native's
one or than the one used in search queries, but for facility and habit
they use the one they mostly undestand .

The goal of php website translator is to allow search engine users to
find your website between the results of search engine queries made in
a language different from the one used in your pages . Using this tool
you'll increase also the number of keywords related to your website .
php website translator uses Google language tools to translate your
pages in all supported languages. Obviously resulting translations are
not perfect, often wrong, so it's not good to show them to users but
these could be used to feed search engine bots and to get more visitors
each day.

The idea is to create a link on the home page of your website to a tree
of translated pages and to show it only to search engine bots.
A search engine bot will find in that page X more links to translated
trees ( where X is the number of languages supported by Google language
tools ) and it will spider the true tree ( in the main ( native )
language ) , the translated trees and adds them to search results ;
in other words you give new keywords to the search engine increasing
the chance that someone finds your website . When a real surfer finds a
link of one of your translated pages in search engine results and tries
to reach it , his browser will be redirected ( by php website
translator ) to the corresponding page in the main language .

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