In need of a new (high quality) hosting provider - any recommendations?

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I need to find a new hosting provider.

We are looking for a UK-based, dedicated server that will be managed
(updated, backed up, patched) by some who knows what they are doing.

Important criteria:
- Excellent customer service
- Speed/security/reliability
- Fast response times to fix hardware

We have a custom-written database-driven website that we need to move
away from the developers. It is Microsoft everything .NET(2.) SQL
Server(2005), C-Sharp etc.

Recommendations So Far
I have spoken to a few developers that I trust and "Rackspace" has
been recommended 3 times as having a good apparently pretty reliable
service that always answer the phone and replace hardware fast -
albeit NOT very cheap.

- Who else should be on my list? Who would be the direct competitors
to Rackspace.

I would love to hear any genuine experiences/thoughts/ recommendations
that people in this community have had with other (high quality)
hosting providers.

With thanks

Shiperton Henethe

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