Important Question HELP!! Was I duped?

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Hello all, Thanks for letting me join.   I have an important question.
I disovered my name and (a wrong phone number) asking for cars, money,
etc. on blog type websites, forums, etc.
The dates on the posts go back to 2002 or so (I think there was one in
2003).   Some of the information in the posts were correct (about me)
being a disabled student, etc.; only problem is I did not post them.
What I
need to know is, if a person/programmer owns such a website or blog,
they able to manipulate dates, names, etc.? (in other words, could they
have recently been posted but an earlier date have been manipulated
the post)?  I am dying to find out how this happened (and
why), but first I need to find out if this was something recently done
(and that's why
I need to know if dates can be manipulated to look like I wrote it
years ago), or if
whomever posted these posts, did so on the actual dates that they show
posted.  I would
greatly appreciate someone getting back to me as soon as possible.  A
very good
friend saw the posts, doesn't understand that other people can "fake
(and of course, I told her anyone could use my name who and put a
little bit of true
information about it) but neither of us know if the dates/times could
be manipulated by
the programmer of the site.  Does anyone know if this can be done?
Thanks very much. I
look forward
to hearing   Please email answer to Rick at
. Thanks !!


Re: Important Question HELP!! Was I duped? wrote:
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Presuming they actually run the site, then of course it is possible.

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