If you were paying for a subscription

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I'm setting up a payment system for a site that sells subscriptions
(via Paypal). The customer has the option of choosing a start- and end-
date for the subscription.

Here's my question. If you were paying for a subscription, and set a
starting and ending date, then would you expect to pay for the entire
length up front, or would you expect the first month to be prorated,
pay each additional month on the first, and then prorate the last

Re: If you were paying for a subscription

On 8/27/2011 5:35 AM, jwcarlton wrote:
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I wouldn't set up a variable subscription.  I'd set it up just like
magazines, anti-virus, etc.  A fixed time (i.e. one year, two years,
etc.) payable up front, discounted for multiple years.

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Re: If you were paying for a subscription

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Say you have a subscription of $25.00 per month.  When the user
subscribes, their account is immediately debited for $25.00 - there is no
proration.  The account is billed on the anniversary date each month.

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Re: If you were paying for a subscription

On 8/27/2011 3:35 AM, jwcarlton wrote:
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I offer 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year subscriptions. 1 month is
31 days, no matter what day of the month you subscribe.

You also mentioned recurring payments. I found that to be a problem, at
least for my site with annual recurring subscriptions. Your situation
may be different. What would happen is that people would forget that
they set up an automatic payment, then when they get a charge they
weren't expecting, they cancel the subscription, and contact me wanting
their money back. I found, in my case, it was better not to do recurring
payments, but to send out a notification prior to a set length
subscription expiring.

That has it own problems. In the notification email I include directions
to add more time to their subscription, but rather than do that, a lot
of people will create a new subscription. When the first subscription
expires, they can't understand why they can no longer log in.

I don't know what the best option is, but I decided that the good will
that comes from fixing a customer's log in problem was better than the
bad will that comes from unexpected charges.

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