If you need Google Adword & Yahoo SM keywords for webmasters hosting webhosting domains, I...

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If you need Google Adword & Yahoo SM keywords for webmasters hosting
webhosting domains, I'm compiling a list now

If you need them, they're here:

Making a ..good list takes me a lot of time-more than a day (I mean
REFINED for the subject),

It took me hours to create - if you want to ad to it-contact me at my
website or ''trade''?

Here is a sample list of what's on my website (my website list is 1500+

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Thanks -Christine www.Sworde.com

Re: If you need Google Adword & Yahoo SM keywords for webmasters hosting webhosting domains, I'm compiling a list now

Christine-Recipes@hotmail.com wrote:
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Please go away and stop trying to cheat Adsense and Yahoo.

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