IE9 Beta Available

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If you want to use it for testing.

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Re: IE9 Beta Available

Idle said:

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    IE9 is only for those who use Vista or Win7.  Those of us who 'thought'
we were keeping ahead of the game a couple of years ago by purchasing Win XP
Pro (and getting up to Service Pack 3) are again left behind 'in-the-dust'

-Mel Smith

Re: IE9 Beta Available

Mel Smith wrote:
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Think of it as them doing you a favor.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no upgrade path to Win7 from XP,
but I suspect eventually they will come up with a way to do it that
doesn't require a clean install.


Re: IE9 Beta Available

This is just M$'s way of trying to persuade you to increase their
profits by upgrading your OS before you need to.  They did the same
thing with Windows 2000 and IE8, which will install on XP but not
2000, even though 2000 and XP have the same major version number, so
how different can they be 'under the bonnet'?.

Many of the other browsers will still install on 2000, I believe Opera
will even install on W9x!

M$ OS Inc and M$ Desktop Software Inc need to be split into two
different and independent firms to prevent such restrictive practices.

It's just another IT rip-off, like the upgrade to mainframe hard disk
units that was eventually discovered to be:
1)    Open the cover of the machine, and clean things up and generally
pratt about a bit until anyone watching you gets bored and wanders
2)    Throw a DIP switch that sets the disk unit to have the larger
3)    Replace the cover of the machine.
4)    Get the signature that enables your firm to charge for the work.

On Sat, 18 Sep 2010 10:24:18 -0600, "Mel Smith"
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Re: IE9 Beta Available

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Nah, just run Vista in a VM on top of Windows XP ;-)

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