IE behaviour - 'Click to activate and use this control'

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Hi Folks,

Anybody noticed the way IE is now handling ActiveX (Flash, Java Applets
etc.) controls.  Essentially the user is required to click the control to
'approve' it before it is fully enabled for use.  I've only just come across
this which is apparent a result of a legal issue concerning how MS implement
ActiveX components in IE.

I have come across a 'fix' here.  I don't know anything about the fix or if
it works properly or not - I have *NOT* tried it!  However there is more
info on the subject here.

Complete URL
( )

I guess most folk here would say the best fix is to use another browser, but
that is unlikely to help your customers and their myriad visitors who are
unlikely to know what is going on and perhaps consider it the website
developer's fault.  Man the phones...   :\



Re: IE behaviour - 'Click to activate and use this control'

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:00:39 +0100, neilr put finger to keyboard and
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In some cases, it is the web developer's fault. This is something that
highlights the foolishness of using Flash for menus, and if it
discourages that particular practice then it will be very benficial

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