IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

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Been seeing a few strange things lately, since I let IE7 in the house.

Several web site links don't respond to the first click, have to click it again.
Not sure but they may be Shock or Flash sites. It's repeatable throughout the

When I start a new program using a short-cut link to the icon of the program,
the program starts but never takes focus from the browser.

Sometimes when browsing in one IE window, another open window (same parent
process) steals focus when it refreshes.

IE7 is greedy!
Any others see these happening?

Re: IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

On Mon, 05 Feb 2007 07:53:26 -0500, SamIam put finger to keyboard and

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That's not a bug, that's a feature. Shockwave and Flash apps can't
open links unti, they've first been explicitly selected. That's an
anti-abuse feature, and one that's well overdue. If it persuades more
web developers to stop using Flash for navigation, then it will have
an important secondary benefit.

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These two are just faulty focus handling in Windows, it isn't specific
to IE.

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Re: IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

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It's not an anti abuse feature. Microsoft lost a law suit as "self
running embedded objects" are patented elsewhere. So they had to stop
activeX self running (requires a click).

As for the rest of your post... perhaps you should stop doing web
work. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. :p


Re: IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

And lo, SamIam didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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This is a result of the Eolas plugin patent dispute which states that any  
plugins which offer interactivity right through the browser on load is an  
idea owned by Eolas.  Unfortunately the courts ruled in favour of Eolas so  
IE (and Opera) squirmed through the loophole you're just now noticing.

If plugins such as flash apps cannot become interactive until the user  
explicitly clicks them, then they don't fall under the patent.  It's not  
an anti-abuse feature, as Mark suggests.  It is merely because browsers  
have changed the way plugins are handled in such as way that Eolas doesn't  
get any royalties.

Now, it *is* possible to get flash apps to work on load by exploiting  
another loophole of the patent.  If you write the flash object's HTML  
element to the page using javascript, it will become immediately  
interactive without the need to click it.  Although it requires Javascript  
to work, more and more flash developers are getting on this bandwagon to  
avoid the activation click.

See here for more information:


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Re: IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

SamIam wrote:

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Better still, ditch it and get a better, faster and more secure browser... /

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Re: IE 7 bugs??? Clicks & Focus

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I see that too. Never before IE7
Even started from Program menu, it gets hidden in the background

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