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Hi All

A friend has told me that links that worked fine in IE 6 on a PC are now not
working in IE 7.  The only thing they can see is that these links have the
following common traits:

a) long file names, ie about 30 plus chars

b) underscores in the filenames.

c) They are derived from the old asp routine to force a pdf download rather
than open them up in the browser window.

I'm desperately trying to borrow a PC to install IE 7 (I don't want to
affect my own PC in anyway at the moment) to test this, but has anybody else
come across the same problems?



Re: IE 7 and standard links

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This error makes sense when viewed alongside changes made to the way IE6
handled addresse sin various security updates.
e.g. stopping username:password@domain type links from working because you
could have
Preventing long addresses would prevent

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Re: IE 7 and standard links

Laphan wrote:
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Search the archives on this group. You will find that this was discussed
(by me, in fact) a couple of times in the recent past. You can install
IE 7 in such a way so that you can run it independently of IE 6, on the
same machine.

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