Ideas for a website for a tutor?

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From the (admittedly short) time I've lurked in this group, it seems
people mostly come with specific questions or problems. I was wondering
if I could trouble you for some from-the-beginning advice, or maybe for
a pointer to the appropriate group.

I am a tutor of four years' experience, but those four years I did
without any business-like intention. It just so happened that I knew
some material people wanted to learn, so they asked me for help and I
tutored them. Now I'm thinking of trying to make a bit of money off
this, with advertisements and such.

Most of my business will probably come from word-of-mouth and referrals,
but I would like to have a website to which I could direct potential
students, print on a business card or flyer, etc. As far as content on
that website goes, there will be the obligatory self-glorification page
wherein I list all my qualifications, and some sort of ``this is how I
work''/FAQ page to give an idea of how I put my knowledge to use. I
might also upload some of the PDF homework packets I've written for
previous students, so if I ever cover the same material with another
student I can just pass a link.

Could I get some suggestions as to what else I should put up on this
website to (1) help my existing students, and (2) get more students?

A note on design: I must admit that I have limited skills. I know
HTML/CSS and PHP, but no *SQL, DHTML, Javascript, or Flash, and very
little graphics.  Please make your suggestions with that constraint in
mind (i.e., no ``you should put up a few educational flash games!'')

With thanks in advance,

Re: Ideas for a website for a tutor?

notPythias wrote:
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A website alone isn't going to get you any students.  You need to market
yourself and your services.  A website is just a place for people to go
once they learn about you to get more details.

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Re: Ideas for a website for a tutor?

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Take a look at the TI-83 materials in the upper right of
They are more high quality than anything you could buy.  I recommend
you create similar materials.

Re: Ideas for a website for a tutor?

Sam Mela wrote:

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...while at the same time making every effort to avoid emulating any
other part of the site.

Pondering the value of the UIP:

Re: Ideas for a website for a tutor?

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For your page I think you should have basically 3 sections:

1) Home Page/Sales Pitch
    This you want to keep to 1 page and make it your home page.
    Keep it clean and simple and explain what you can tutor in, your prices
and contact info.

2) Qualifications and Testimonials
    This you also want to keep to 1 page and you DO NOT want to put this
information on your home page.
    You should put a 1 sentence blurb on your home page as part of your
sales pitch that references your qualifications and testimonials and
provides a link.

3) Student Area
    This would be an entire log in area.  You would give each student an id
or password to access the relevant area.
    For this you might want to put up:  quizzes, additional material they
can read up on at home, additional problems/homeworks, and links to websites
with relevant information.
    You really want this to supplement you, not replace you.

And thats basically about all you need.

For marketing and promoting I definitly would not look in to any search
engine optimization, web advertising or buying hits to your website.

Instead you should be posting an ad on the bulliten board at your local
library, grocery store (if they have an announcements board) and community
rec centers.  You should also contact local schools that have courses you
cover and provide your contact information, website URL and business cards
to the school counsellors.

All that advertising and promoting is free and one would expect you should
get enough business from that.  If you don't then I would look in to putting
a small ad in the classifieds section of some local community newspapers.
You can usually get a 2-4 line ad in the small freebie papers for $10-20.

Of note: I would also suggest that if you do not have extensive web design
skills then you should keep your website very simple and basic or hire a
professional to develop it.

You might be thinking "I can save myself a few bucks and do it myself!" but
you don't want something that looks unprofessional and though a professional
developer will cost you money if you market and promote the site properly
then you should quickly recoup any design costs.

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