I want to leave GoDaddy

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I'm not the brightest computer-literate person ever, so this may seem
like an awfully noobish question, but here's the story:

I want to renew a domain name (it's currently on a "private
registration"), and they raised the price fourfold in less than a year,

so now I don't want it. GoDaddy's website doesn't allow me to get rid
of it, but tech support tells me to go to "DomainsByProxy.com", which
is essentially GoDaddy's "private registrations firm". I can't get my
customer number, because apparently the "email on file from this
account" is one they MADE "FOR" ME AND I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT
(ugh!). Tech support tells me to fax the information in, and that's
when I start wanting another domain registrar. So here are my basic
1) Which domain registrar would be good, and
2) How would I terminate services with GoDaddy without losing the
domain name? Is there any "gist" in their user agreements that
prohibits me from doing such a thing?

I would appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Re: I want to leave GoDaddy

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Some might actually look at your scenario and think:  "Its good to know they
have some kind of data security and don't just give out my ID and/or
password to anybody who calls up and says they are me"

I mean seriously, you don't have your customer number.  Call them up and say
"I don't have my number" they say "we'll email it to you" and you say "Uh
no, I don't have access to that email address anymore" so they are supposed
to say what "Oh!  You don't?  Ok I'll just give it to you over the phone
because you don't have access to the email address on record"

Re: I want to leave GoDaddy

Auggie wrote:
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Egg-zaggly!  I wouldn't deal with any registrar who DIDN'T have similar
safeguards in place.

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