I want to create some forums on my website.

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I want to create some forums on my website.  I don't care what language it's
written in, database it's in, or if I have to pay for it.  The things I want
to be able to do are:

I want the installation to be fairly straight forward.

Users should be able to subscribe to a forum and have the option of having
all the messages posted to that forum sent to them as emails.   It would be
nice if they could respond by email or click a link to respond.  These
options make the forum look like an email list but with the ability to go to
the website as well.

I want users to be able to post messages that will be visible for a long
period of time, such as 1 year.

I will have several forums on my site, but depending on the web page that
the user accesses the forums from, they will see a list of some of the
forums, but not others.

Users should be able to sign up for some of the forums.   Some are open
without registration.  Others I will enter the user information myself.

I've looked at vBulletin which does most of the above except that for
reasons I can't imagine a user does not have the option of receiving an
email of every posting to a forum.

I've looked at Discus as well but their online documentation doesn't really
tell you much about what it can do in detail and I can't seem to get a
salesman to contact me.

Zachary Hilbun
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Re: I want to create some forums on my website.

Look at fudforum -> http://fudforum.org/ The code is well written, the
most secure/efficient of any PHP forum package.

Re: I want to create some forums on my website.


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Quite a detailed list. Congratulations.
Are there any forums that you like. Except for the installation you might
already have the answer. Scroll to the bottom of the forum and see what the
last line on the screen says. Usually thats the software.

Personally I like mamaging UBB and even more their new "we host it for
you" thing called Eve. None of its free but if you are willing to pay then
you can get it all handled pretty well

On the other hand, when its mine and not covered by the company I like
PHPBB because its free

Gandalf  Parker

Re: I want to create some forums on my website.

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I use IPB invision forums and AFAIK, they meet all of your criteria apart
from this bit...

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You can however restrict members access to certain forums by either
assigning the members to a specially created "group" which has access to
limited forums, or probably easier, making some forums password protected.


Re: I want to create some forums on my website.

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Well - it's good to hear from someone that has actually taken the time and  
trouble to work out what they want.

Of all the forum code I've looked at, the more complex, functionally rich,  
examples appear to have the most chaotic (less easy to modify/maintain)  
code base.

Not sure I've seen one forum product that meets all your requirements.  I  
asume you've checked out the various script repository sources already.

Maybe time to start coding or even publish an ITT.

William Tasso

Re: I want to create some forums on my website.

Zachary Hilbun wrote:

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Currently I've evaluating GroupServer, which sounds like it would meet
your requirements.

The GroupServer Project is still in the very early beta phase, but looks
very promising, and has recieved funding from the Office of the Deputy
Prime Minister.

http://www.groupserver.org /

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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