I seek great shared CPanel hosting

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I'd like to move my shared CPanel account to another
webhosting company.  Here's my wish list:

1. I like Squirrelmail, one of three webmail applications
that are built into CPanel.  But I've found that since
Squirrelmail is not widely used, support for it is generally
meager at webhosting providers.  So I'd like a webhosting
provider that can support Squirrelmail well.

2. On CPanel, I host three Mailman discussion lists, each
with 70 subscribers.  Every posted message generates 70
emails, of course, and sometimes multiple postings occur
within a short period of time.  I've found in the past
that such a sudden burst of messages often exceeds an
hourly email-message quota that webhosting providers
institute to stymie spammers.  Some have been willing to
tweak the limit for me, but others have not.  Since
(a) I'm not spamming and (b) the email volume is only an
occasional spike and not sustained, it seems reasonable
for me to ask that the hourly quota be raised for me.  I'd
like webhosting provider that has a highish hourly email
quota for outbound mail or that would be willing to raise
it for me.

3. I'd like a provider with fast servers.  I've found
that http://www.exploratorium.edu is hosted on notably
fast servers, and I'd like similar speed if possibl.
(The Exploratorium is a museum, and I think that it runs
its own web servers.  The speed that I perceive might be
partially due to the fact that I live a few miles away.)

4. My new hosting company should provide ready access
to a live tech support person via telephone during at
least 50 hours of the week.


I realize that the features above can raise costs
for providers, so I'm willing to pay a higher-than-
average price.

Which webhosting provider(s) would you recommend
that I look into?


Re: I seek great shared CPanel hosting

On 30 Dec 2005  wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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check with Allis. she is right there in the bay area.
http://themooseisloose.net /


Re: I seek great shared CPanel hosting

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there's a reason for that.

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What's to support?  it works or it doesn't.

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Any host should be able to do that for you - maybe resellers would have  

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yes - it's a good plan to use servers that are physically near your target  
visitors (if possible/applicable) - otherwise you may as well use  
server(s) near you.

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Fairly standard for independent hosts - I'd recommend you filter your  
search to relevant geographical locations

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What a refreshing change from all the 'everything for nothing' requests.

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Where are you?

William Tasso

Save the drama
for your Mama.

Re: I seek great shared CPanel hosting

On 30 Dec 2005 22:01:36 -0800, xx-google@telefog.com posted something
that included:

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I think the situation is that most people who buy hosting use Outlook
Express rather than webmail. Personally, I prefer Neomail to Horde or
Squirrelmail, but Squirrelmail is the most popular of the three among
my customers.

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Not a problem here.

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Partially, perhaps, but Alexa says they're faster than 83% of all
servers on the internet. They say our customers have slightly faster
servers than that, but since we're all in Alexa's "very fast"
category, you won't see much difference.

If you're unfamiliar with Alexa.com, check them out. It's an Amazon
company that gets statistics on site popularity and speed from the
many users who surf with an Alexa toolbar open, making their
statistics fairly good.

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50 hours a week is less than 8 hours a day. If support is open 9 AM to
5 PM daily on the east coast, that means that it closes at 2 PM there
in San Francisco. Do you really want to wait until 6 AM for support to
answer the phone if you discover something you did at 2 PM brought
down your site and locked you out?

We answer our toll-free support phone at least 160 hours a week - and
some weeks, it's a full 168 hours. When I'm out of the office, the
toll-free number rings my cellphone, so unless I'm behind the wheel or
already talking to another customer, you probably can reach me. Not
some kid with a script. Not someone in Mumbai whose accent makes him
hard to understand.

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I'll let you in on a dirty little secret. Servers don't cost the
hosting industry as much as acquiring customers, billing, and
providing support.

Since we're happy with the 300% annual growth we get from customers
referring their friends, we don't waste money on advertising - or even
on bounties for referrals. (Would you sell out your friends for a few
bucks? I sure wouldn't. But I'm happy to tell him about a great deal.)

We've eliminated more than 90% of the cost of billing.

And we've eliminated about 75% of our support costs. Part of it is a
great skin for cpanel that makes it MUCH easier to figure out how to
do what you want to do. A lot of it is the toll-free support line.
It's a LOT cheaper to ask a few questions so we can solve problems for
customers immediately, rather than writing email after email, trying
to figure out what we need to do.

We think we offer BETTER hosting than those that charge three to five
times as much.

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We're AmishHosting.com  No, we don't have horse-driven servers
illuminated by coal oil lanterns. It's just that
"PlainAndSimpleHostingFromLancasterCountyPA.com" is too long.

I'd appreciate it if you'd put us on your list. If you'd like to take
a free test drive for a few weeks, let me know.

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