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I am researching a new website marketing concept for a school
project.  Can you take a look at this idea and let me known if you
think it is a valuable service that is both cost effective and
potentially profitable?

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Don't waste your time.
The profit potential for 99% of the affiliates of this type of program
is most likely slim to none.

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my_live_web_actor wrote:

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I found the entire idea both annoying and pretty cheesy. I don't believe
their figure of boosting sales by 500% by using these actors on a site,
that's for sure. I, like many others, would hit the back button pretty

I can imagine that the first time you see a site like that you'd watch
it out of fascination, a bit like I did when I saw the above site, but
the second and third time I wouldn't bother. In fact, I decided to take
a look at the samples and barely watched more than a couple of seconds
of any of them without feeling nauseous - the actors were second-rate
(if that) and the music was a bit too cheesy for my liking.

Either way, no it's a pointless service and I wouldn't waste your time
with it.

Dylan Parry
http://electricfreedom.org | http://webpageworkshop.co.uk

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