I need a LAMP programmer who will work with me.

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Hi.  I need a web programmer to set up interactive features on a static web
site.  The project needs are described at http://vitalkids.org

My email address shows near the top of the page at

PLEASE!  I have already been advised of and taken a look at Content
Management Systems such as Joomla and Drupal.  I still want to hire a LAMP
consultant.  Thank you for past suggestions.  But may we please move forward
from there.

I do not need design style presentation or content.  I hope to take care of
the design style myself.

I need a LAMP programmer who can answer questions and who gets things done
and will install interactive features to the site, one step at a time.  I
understand that part of the cost I will incur will be for time spent working
with me, as I am not familiar with this.

For now, as a first step, I just need the user account creation/login system
installed as described on the several pages up at vitalkids.org

Thank you for any time looking over my project requirements at vitalkids.org


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Re: I need a LAMP programmer who will work with me.

mike wrote:

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How much do you want to pay for all this?
You do not seam to have worked out how much you can spend on the
project. Without a price you won't get many people wanting to even
look at the project.
I do some free web design stuff for non profits but that is a bit
For what you want it will cost a lot of money as you seam to want a
custom solution.
Also what exactly do you want the site to do (who is it for?).
These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesignonline.org

Re: I need a LAMP programmer who will work with me.

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You need a custom solution.  Have you considered the budget?  You're
looking at around $75 - 100/hour, which based on my non-profit
experience is much more than they typically want to spend.

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