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Perhaps it's the heat affectig my brains....I dunno, but I just can't seem
to fix this.....

Taking on board all the help and pointers you guys have given me over the
past week, I've started re-doing my quickly hashed together new design into
nice clean CSS code.....

However, I've found another browser discrepancy that I can't seem to sort
out.....Have a look at this screencap....


The image of the face is in 2 parts....The upper part contains the title
text which needs to be an image to match the exact typeface, and the lower
part is the main part of the face.....
In IE, it renders as one image, but as in Opera and FF, there's a break
between the two images.....


Am I being stupid here, or is there something glaringly obvious that's
causing this?....

Re: I'm getting boring now

Swampy Bogtrotter wrote:

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h1 img

The whitespace below the top image is space for the descenders of
g,j,p,q,y. By making the image a block element instead of the default
inline, there is no need for the space anymore.

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Re: I'm getting boring now

Els wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You little beauty ! ! !
Thanks, worked a treat....

Re: I'm getting boring now

Fleeing from the madness of the ntlworld News Service jungle
and said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

agreed on all counts but you should consider using a single image

William Tasso


Re: I'm getting boring now

William Tasso wrote:

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Indeed. In fact, a simple background image would probably be perfect here.

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